To Work towards liberating India from crime against Women And Empower Them.



  1.  PoliceHEART 1091(women Safety and Security)
  2.  Defence O' Dance (Self Defence)
  3.  Wajra O' Force Brigade (Social Challenges, Women in Distress)
  4. Women Empowerment (Social, Economical, Personal)
  5.  Gender Equality (Mind Set Challenges)


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women saved/rescued/helped

Police HEART 1091

First of its kind project in India for rescuing women in Emergency situation

HEART-Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal.




Girls/women have benefited from this project

Defence 'O' Dance

First of its kind project in India for Self Defence




people have participated in Hall Bol Season I and II across Gujarat

Halla Bol

First of its kind project in India for mass awareness generation for Women Safety, Security & Empowerment

Women Empowermant

Woman is a powerhouse through which she empowers people with powerfulness which makes them powerfully powering with absolute power. This is Woman Power which, a power woman thus reveals the awesome extent of her power.

Ruzan Khambatta
Dream To Be Successful

Instead of dreaming to become rich, dream to be successful. Success brings Achievement-Respect-Satisfaction-Money. So let us put our efforts in attaining success in everything that we do.

Ruzan Khambatta
Business Success Mantra

The only thing which works forever is customer loyalty. It is more important to earn customer loyalty then to earn money. Money is a short term gain, whilst customer loyalty is a long term benefit

Ruzan Khambatta
Tools required to be successful

Your most important weapons are creativity & innovation

Ruzan Khambatta
Entrepreneur Success Mantra

To be a successfull Entrepreneur one requires 3 things: Self Motivation Self Motivation Self Motivation

Ruzan Khambatta
Life Success Mantra

Do what you Like will only make you a successful professional Like what you Do will make you a successful human being

Ruzan Khambatta